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I designed this website as a way to encourage people to get fit and make a difference, not just for themselves but for others.

In the past I have joined numerous gyms with ongoing monthly financial commitments to memberships that?quite honestly, I didn?t have the time or motivation to use. I was watching money seep from my account each month as I was locked in to a fixed term.

Good for those who use their fitness centre regularly – I?m the first person to congratulate those who keep up their goals, but I know me well enough to know, I just DON?T do gyms!

What I am motivated to do however, is regularly take long walks with my kids, or with a friend or family member. It?s free, it?s easy and a pleasure to get out and about and see what?s happening in my neighbourhood. Plus, I can do this whenever my time permits, with minimal fuss. Grab my sneakers and off I go.

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Join us and pledge your donation for every km, every minute, every hour, every day... that you get out and be active.

Donate your pledge to our chosen charity of the month and know that you are helping to create a better world for yourself and for others.

Fit2Give support reputable, inspiring Australian charities and we believe that every dollar counts. We know we are making a difference. We are healthier, we are fitter, we are less stressed and we are a community of likeminded individuals who are doing our part in helping improve our world for each and every one of us.

Join us and donate your pledge through the Fit2Give website link.

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