Basic Wash

Outside washed and wiped dry Windows cleaned, door jambs wiped dry Tyres dressed

Prices from:

Small: $30.0

Medium: $35.00

Large: $40.00


Outside washed and dried, door jambs wiped, tyres dressed, Inside Vacuumed (seats, floor/ mats, and boot) windows cleaned inside and out, console/dash and door panels wiped down,

Prices from:

Small: $44.00

Medium: $55.00

Large: $66.00

The Deluxe

Includes the entire TLC package Plus: Console /Dash and door panels dressed and protected, Remove Minor stains and spots from seats and carpets, plus deodorized.

Prices from:

Small: $55.00

medium: $66.00

Large: $77.00

The Premium

Includes the entire Deluxe Package Plus: Exterior Hand wax (applied to help protect paint work)

Prices from:

Small: $66.00

Medium: $77.00

Large: $88.00

The Ultimate

The ultimate would be ideal for that once a year clean out or if you are considering selling or trading in your car and want it looking it’s best!!!! This package goes that little bit further and includes: The entire premium package plus: Interior: Leather seats cleaned and treated/ fabric seats shampoo or steam cleaned, Exterior: machine buff and polish paintwork to remove minor scratches and swirl marks,

Prices from:

Small: $199.00

Medium: $220.00

Large: $250.0